How to Make Fun Corporate Events

How to Make Fun Corporate Events

How good are you at keeping your employees’ attention when discussing matters about the company? Sure, they will attend because they need to, because it’s a must. They wouldn’t want to get a memo for not attending.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Your employees do not need to feel they’re dragging themselves to your conference room or company hall to attend another boring discussion. Make them want to attend it! Make them look forward to it. Here are several types of corporate events and how you can make each one an exciting occasion.

#1: Conferences

This is the most common company gathering, and can often be tedious and boring. So how do you turn it into something awesome? First, you need to find a great speaker. Find someone who can tell an interesting story, and can connect with the audience.

Try looking for them in YouTube channels. You can also try bloggers or vloggers who have a lot of followers because it means people are interested to listen to what they have to say. Give them something to remember from the conference – something like an artist sketch of them, or a succulent they can transfer to a lovely pot of their choosing.

Food and snacks can also be served creatively. Try cocktail bars where attendees can make their own concoction. You can also make them choose the food they want and have a chef ready to cook it.

#2: Training Workshops

Employee training is very important for a company. It enhances employee skills and improve their performance. However, if the presentations are dry, it would be difficult for your participants to remember the topics discussed. To avoid this, you need to get away from the conventional training workshop venues.

Instead of the usual tables and chairs, try bean bags or throw pillows, and have them sit. Or if you really want them on tables and chairs, arranged them in small groups for easy interaction. Make them participate so they don’t fall asleep. Give them a quiz after every discussion and give prizes to those can provide the correct answers. This way, they would need to really listen throughout the discussion.

#3: Seminars

Choosing a really good venue is the number one concern when planning for a seminar. Sure, lovely hotels with conference halls will do the trick, but why not try something different? Explore venues where attendees can get more value than what they learn from the seminar. For a change, try galleries that have huge meeting halls, or museums. Also try to look for venues that offer a chance to experience the outdoors.

#4: Christmas Parties

Christmas parties happen every year for most companies, and you may be running out of ideas if you’ve been planning it for years. Well, sometimes you just need to add a twist to the ones you regularly prepare, like a photo booth. New models of photo booths called “Social photo booths” already allow people to immediately share their photos to their social media accounts so look for those.

You can also do a trivia contest about the company, or a pageant showcasing the best cosplay looks. You can also invite group performers with extraordinary talents for the entertainment.

John Clayton