Essential Steps to Take When Printing Custom Shirt Logos and Designs – An Overview

Essential Steps to Take When Printing Custom Shirt Logos and Designs – An Overview

Whether you are printing custom T-shirts for a local ad agency, or an international marketing agency, you will want to take the steps to printing custom shirts in the proper order. In doing so, you will have the best opportunity to get the most value out of your money.

Your goal is to have your custom T-shirt design printed on a shirt that has your company’s logo and branding on it. Here are the steps in printing custom shirts:

Choose a design.

There are many different types of designs available. Take some time, and choose a design that not only expresses your company’s ideals but one that can be easily embroidered.

Know your manufacturer.

Before you order your custom printed T-shirts, find out which manufacturer will produce them. Find out the brand name, the quality of their fabric, and whether their custom design shirts are pre-tested or not.

By knowing who will produce your shirts, you eliminate any chance of customer dissatisfaction. This research will save you time and money and will guarantee you the highest quality product out there.

Know your colors.

It doesn’t matter how great a T-shirt looks when you buy it off of the rack at a department store. It only matters if the customer likes it. If they don’t, it will be wasted and you will have wasted your money.

With custom printing, you need to match the color of your custom shirt with the background color you have chosen. The easiest way to do this is by choosing a color from the main color family, like black or white, and complementing it with one or two other colors.

Select the best material for your custom shirt.

A good custom t-shirt printing service will be able to provide you with the most affordable materials for your custom shirts. You want to make sure that they use the best in high-end digital printers, paper, and other production supplies to ensure that your custom shirt is the best it can be.

They should also be using the most advanced digital printing technology to ensure that the quality of the print on your custom shirts is the highest it can be.

Get it printed by professionals!

Your custom shirt will be ready to be printed once it is designed by you and a professional crew prints your custom shirt. Once the shirt has been designed, it goes through a short printing process.

This process will allow you to choose the size of your custom shirt. Then, the shirt goes through a short printing process, which consists of screen printing your shirts with special ink.

Simply wait for shipping.

After your custom t-shirt has gone through all of these steps, it will then go through a long process of shipping. This is to ensure that your custom t-shirt arrives at you quickly so you can wear it right away.

These steps in printing shirts are very important because if you do not do them right, your shirt could get damaged while in transit. This could result in your paying an additional fee to have it shipped back.

So there you have it. Simple steps in the process of creating custom shirts. You can produce your own shirts easily and affordably. It will also make you a very proud and self-fulfilled person knowing that you helped create a piece of clothing for someone else.

Are there other steps in printing custom shirts? Sure. But these are the basic steps and should take care of any custom t-shirt you need to create. If there are additional steps you need to take, your printer should be able to help you with that as well.

But for the most part, these steps in printing a custom t-shirt will do it perfectly. And the great thing about custom shirts is that they are a one-time deal. That means when you make the purchase and pay for your shirt, it is yours to keep.

That’s right – you don’t have to take it out of the box and start all over again with printing. Your shirt is yours to wear so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Now that you understand the steps in printing custom shirts, you may want to choose a shirt that you think will work well with your personality.

Perhaps your favorite sports team’s logo will look great on a white shirt. Maybe a particular slogan from your favorite band will be perfect. Whatever the case may be, by understanding the steps in printing custom shirts, you are one step closer to getting the design and text you want on your custom t-shirt. Take the first step and create your own tee shirt today when you head on over to the T-Shirt Co’s website!

John Clayton