Significantly Minimize Germ Build-Up in Your Home with These Awesome Tips

Significantly Minimize Germ Build-Up in Your Home with These Awesome Tips

Maintaining a germ-free home is a concern for many Americans, especially those who have children or pets. Green cleaning means cleaning differently, not necessarily more often.

The recent COVID-19 global pandemic has increased worry for many homeowners to keep a safe germ-free house, but most consumers worry more about using dangerous toxic cleaners instead of more natural substances that are healthier. Additionally, you should consider following advice according to Pro Disinfection Services since they are more familiar with methods of disinfection.

Despite the alarming news reports about the dangers of cleaning chemicals and the risks of toxins in our homes, there is still a great deal of fear about cleaning chemical-laden air and water. The solution? Maintain a germ-free environment by using only non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaners.

Most homeowners would agree that if they did not want to be sick and dead, they would do what it takes to make their home a germ-free one. The key to keeping a germ-free home starts with being aware of the chemicals that are present in a typical home cleaner and detergent.

Bleach is commonly used in many products including laundry detergents and mouthwash. Benzoyl peroxide and chlorine bleach are two other common chemicals that are found in household cleaners and bleach. Lemon juice contains natural ingredients that kill germs.

Mixing two tablespoons of lemon juice and one cup of hot water is a popular natural home remedy that is used to kill germs. While the tips above are excellent pointers, it is best to go a step further and avoid household cleaners altogether.

Some of the most common and widely-used house cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that emit toxins into the atmosphere. These cleaners can also strip the protective coating on painted surfaces.

Even more alarming is the discovery that some commonly used bathroom cleaners have ingredients that create fumes that irritate asthma and allergies. While there may not be a way to totally avoid household cleaners, doing your homework and reading the labels will help you find eco-friendly alternatives.

Using an eco-friendly home cleaning service is one way to achieve total house cleaning results without using dangerous household cleaners or chemicals. Instead of hiring a technician to complete your weekly cleaning tasks, consider utilizing an environmental cleaning service.

With an eco-friendly cleaning service, the technicians use environmentally safe cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable. An additional bonus: no one has to get sick or stay up all night! By cutting down on toxic chemicals, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and save money at the same time.

Some individuals find that the best way to maintain a germ-free house is to completely redesign the kitchen and bathroom. Remodeling your home and office allows you to create a healthier lifestyle. While many people think that a complete makeover is expensive, rest assured that it can be achieved with a little research and effort.

Rather than hiring a household cleaning service, try hiring an eco-friendly kitchen and bath cleaning company. It’s important that we keep our homes free of dirt and grime because germs grow in places we least expect.

While many people make the mistake of using harsh cleaning products and harsh sprays on their surfaces, it doesn’t kill bacteria or disinfect allergens. In fact, it kills everything else. By sealing your surfaces, you are ensuring that the germs and allergens can’t enter your home or your family.

However, entertaining guests means that you must clean the surfaces on a regular basis. There are plenty of ways to ensure that your surfaces remain germ-free, including regularly cleaning with disinfectant cleansers.

Some cleansers kill bacteria while sanitizing and disinfecting the surface at the same time. Many people simply spray their surfaces with disinfectant sprays during their weekly vacuuming or cleaning.

While this is effective, frequent sanitizing is not enough to keep the dirt and grime from accumulating. To keep the sanitizing power of your disinfectants working, follow these simple tips for maintaining a germ-free environment.

John Clayton