Spice Up Your Corporate Events with These Tips

Spice Up Your Corporate Events with These Tips

A bad or happy experience would be what attendees will remember the most in your corporate event. So, why make them remember the bad when you can give them a blast! These days, people no longer get satisfied with just an excellent speaker and a strong brand. They look for a more and better experience when attending corporate events.

What you decide to prepare as entertainment can make or break your event. If attendees get to have a real good time, your event will be the talk of the town for weeks to come, and will forever be etched in their memory. So, the next time you invite them, they will not hesitate to say, ‘Yes’.

So how do you ensure they have fun? Here are tips that will surely work.

Make them personally experience the fun.

Studies have found that the younger generations nowadays love to have fun more than the urge to buy material things. They would gladly pay to get an experience in everything fun and exciting. This is the reason why extreme outdoor activities like zip lines are a hit.

So for your event, think of something immersive or interactive. For example, if your corporate event is about technology or gadgets, why not give them a personal experience of virtual reality or augmented reality?

Don’t veer away from your event topic.

Yes, technological breakthroughs can be a fun experience, but if it doesn’t fit your event’s topic, it will not have much impact on how they will gain knowledge of what you are offering. So, stay focused on your event goals by aligning the preparation to your subject matter. These include planning for food, information kits, giveaways, etc.

Choose a theme for your event.

Your theme doesn’t need to be relevant to your corporate event’s subject matter, but if you can think of something relevant, it would be better. You can request your guests to wear something from a fairytale, or clothes worn during the 70’s or 80’s. Whatever you think of, make sure it’s something that will make your guests excited to attend.

Get a photo booth.

The popularity of social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Imgur, Flickr, Photobucket and more has made most people photo conscious and often find themselves taking a lot of selfies or group pictures. People just love sharing what they’re up to through pictures.

So rent a photo booth where guests can take photos. This also works as a giveaway by customizing the printed photo with your company name or logo, and the title of your corporate event. You don’t need to worry about operating it because many photo booths are now automated. Some are also easy to operate with the touch of a button or a remote, without need for an attendant.

Get a fun and engaging speaker.

No one wants to listen to a monologue. Nope, not a chance. So when deciding on a speaker, choose someone who is funny or able to infuse humor into his or her speech. If you have the budget, go for someone well known. A popular speaker would be a good reason for guests to come.

John Clayton