Tips to Improve How You Conduct Corporate Events

Tips to Improve How You Conduct Corporate Events

Times and generations are changing. As they say, change seems to be the only constant thing in this world. A business that doesn’t want to be left behind by its competitors must adapt to changes, and innovate the way it does things. And one of the must it needs to do is to improve the way it holds its corporate events.

Corporations should do away with the old, and welcome the latest trends in holding corporate events, because admit it or not, the way it’s done could make or break your company. So how do you start? Read on to learn the latest trends this 2019.

Innovate Your Events Place

Event planners are pushing for a creative and innovative presentation in a place that is different from the usual. Presentations should allow for audience participation to better retain the attention of attendees. Try grouping participants and ask them to prepare a short presentation after each topic about what they learned.

Ask them to present it in a creative or funny way. Make them think out of the box! Consider holding your event, like a training or seminar, in open or outdoor venues where participants can get a breath of fresh air.

Change the Way You Present Company Goals

Presenting the huge figures of sales and increasing number of customers will surely inspire your employees to do more. The question is, is this enough motivation? Experts recommend changing the way you present company goals, adding it should be done in a way that employees can fully relate to.

Make them aware of the company’s direction by emphasizing the impact you want to make, and the difference it could do to the public. Make it appeal to their emotions so they can better understand what you want to happen. From there, they will know why they need to do more, why they need to work harder.

Use Technology to Improve Connections

Do you hold seminars with participants joining in from different locations? Now, they can already actively participate in the discussion even if they’re not in the room with you. You can now go on live feeds, or use 360-degree video to make participants feel they’re part of the group. Checkout digital meeting technologies or livestream options.

Give Them a Break

It’s important that attendees retain all information you feed them during trainings or seminars because they need it to be better at their jobs. However, too much information could slow down retention, or worse, it could cause mental block.

Ensure you give them a breather during sessions. Give them time away from the discussion. This will allow them to think better and think back of the things discussed with a clear head. Give them an opportunity to relax like a massage, meditation, outdoor recreation, playtime with co-participants, etc. This will re-energize their brains and will enable it to absorb more information.

Be Creative with Food Preparations

There are a lot of new trends worldwide when it comes to food. Try incorporating them in your event to break the monotony of just ‘eating to get full’. Eating healthy is popular so try serving food vegan style. Also try serving food in small portions and plates so people could move around while eating, and interact with others at the same time.

John Clayton