Five Pedal Effects For Playing The Bass Guitar

Five Pedal Effects For Playing The Bass Guitar

The consequences which are discussed for every Effects Pedal are exactly the same for both electrical and Bass Guitars. Nevertheless, for the Bass Guitar, the influence is usually altered to fit the reduced frequency range of the instrument.

Bass Wah Wah Pedal

Just like the Electric Guitar Wah pedal, the Bass Wah outcome is created by the usage of a rocking treadle style feet pedal. Nevertheless, with this particular unit type, the usage of custom EQ circuitry is integrated particularly for The result, and bass frequencies are a complete fat bass tone having a sleek effect. This is perfect for boosting your rhythmic playing, from subtle and warm, to punchy.

Octaver Pedal

The utilization of the Octaver is producing a note that’s one full octave below the first note played – rather a useful pedal for R&B and Funk – and also many are able to deal with two or maybe three-note chords. Because of its desire to produce the modified pitch’ live,’ the pedal should have a quick response or perhaps tracking capability appropriate to be used with rapid playing techniques.

Overdrive and Distortion Pedal

In case you would like gutsy sounds for playing Rock/Metal etcetera, then the distortion pedal is perfect for you. These pedals improve the signal to the stage where resultant audio is something between rich as well as warm’ clipped’ to one thing that is a great deal more extreme. Pedals are varied in complexity from a couple of very simple settings to more complicated designs incorporating control over harmonic written content and also tone shaping facilities.

Frequently these pedals are criticized for introducing excessive amounts of sound and are tough to use for studio recording. Looking at the way the signal has been boosted and enhanced, it is not surprising.

Bass Chorus Pedal

Again this pedal is created specifically for the Bass frequency span. These pedals emulate the result of getting several bass notes actively playing in unison, whereby slight variations produce the chorus effect. It’s likely to copy as many as 16 voices with respect to the make, and vocal randomization produces a thickening of the audio.

Bass Compressor/Limiter Pedal

The Bass Compressor allows the Bassist to relax over a broad range of participating in styles – from the regular rhythmic playing to higher dynamic models like’ slap’ – while keeping a similar amount of output from the Amplifier. This helps the audience to pick up all of your playings while keeping a balance within the band. The Compressor is possibly the most often used pedal but would be the toughest to work with. In case not set up properly, the pedal is able to generate a rather dull performance.


When you would like to utilize a selection of Bass effects, you might wish to select using multi-effect units that incorporate all or perhaps the above. Nevertheless, lots of criticizing these saying that owning many consequences in a single product compromises the quality and efficiency of every unique effect. According to Gram Parsons, these are the best looper pedals which you should add to your bucket list if you want to make your music count more.

Though, with the arrival of microprocessor appliances, a considerably large variety of influence over the variables and sound-shaping amenities are out there on the person, so whether these criticisms are legitimate or perhaps not is tough to verify. It’s most likely right down to the viewpoint on the person that is going to decide the technique to follow, and there’s surely an appeal to the simplicity of creating at a gig – with fewer cords to be concerned about going bad at probably the most inopportune time.

John Clayton